The dynamics between society and nature create a generous, fearless vibe. Surrender to the freedom and adventurous feeling of the urban jungle.


  • Long-term vision
  • Design and sustainability
  • Geometrics
  • Corporate greenery
  • Vibrant
  • Self-assured ambience

‘Welcome to the magical jungle called home.’

Inspired by botanical gardens dominated by metal greenhouse structures that form a greenhouse for the dynamics of human society and nature. Green and industry merge together. Innovative and powerful, reliable and in control. Sustainable design and durable planting. More attention to green in industry means a healthier earth, and a vibrant happy life. In the factory oasis we choose direction, we go for green. Green, in all shapes and forms, is part of life. Previously we only thought about planting during the design phase, but now green is part of the design phase.

We give back control to green

The interior as a real green house with a graphic tough look. An always outdoor feeling with a climate that is comfortable for flora and fauna. Green that sustains itself, wild but well thought out. Walls of green climbing plants, moss walls, plants in stairs, meters high palms from the floor. A magical jungle of metal, concrete, wood, indigo and luxury ceramics. Natural materials in tough raw colors. Green and blue play the leading roles and are complemented by orange and purple elements. No matter how big or small the space, outside or inside, we are looking for the freedom and adventurous feeling that nature gives us. The treehouse feeling, wanderlust, city gardens, we give back control to green.