With the feeling of a romantic paradise we discover a rejuvenating luxurious ambiance, an adult fairy tale filled with extravagant colours and bombastic flora.


  • Mismatched
  • Floral and foliage
  • Business exotic
  • Hotel style tropical
  • Pink paradise
  • Golden elementen

‘Walk with me through wonderland’

An extravagant hotel with wide coloured areas and botanical prints. An adult fairy tale filled with white, pink and red. With hints of contrasting black. Tropical and bombastic but disciplined and very slick. Hard candy, passionate and dramatic but businesslike and modern. A fusion of cultures and styles that is completely accurate and implemented in detail. White and cream serve as the basis for plant and flower patterns. It doesn’t matter whether you are indoors or outdoors. The interior is the extension of the exterior, and vice versa.

Moulin Rouge meets the Garden of Eden

Veranda-like spaces inspired by butterfly gardens with a nod to the Garden of Eden. A well-considered blend of smooth round shapes and clean lines. A strong, dazzling identity, a young but wise wonderland. Glazed ceramics, glass vases and metal in different colours, both matt and glossy, fit into this updated Moulin Rouge style. Patterns of floral and foliage in a stylish and elegant way. A little lollipop and a little romance provide a surprisingly attractive and luxurious ambiance. A paradise created from a system, with an abundance of greenery and design, welcome to the Fusion Royale.