Back to the Roots

We are off to a fresh start in 2022, with a new set of priorities and a clear view of the world. We learn to live from the inside out. We choose calm, natural colors and rustic design. At first glance, this style seems safe, sober and mundane. But look closer and you’ll understand what it’s really about. Because it is precisely this simplicity that creates fragility, and this radiates unmistakable self-assurance and strength. Like taking a look into the soul, without embellishment. The 2022 trend Global Essence literally takes us ‘Back to the Roots’.

The three pillars of Global Essence trend

Origin plays a huge role in the Global Essence style. Essence, individuality and authenticity are what it’s all about. We see this in the choice of materials and use of color, but also in the almost classic design. We love handmade items such as baskets of sea grass and European ceramics. There is also a focus on sustainability and recycling. These are the three pillars of the Global Essence trend:

  • Attention and pride in tradition and craft
  • Earth tones with heartwarming terra as accent colors
  • Simple rustic design

From the pillars of the trend, we got to work.The design team started drawing and creating, and our buyers went on the road with the Global Essence trend book.  Now, many months later, these products are shining in our showroom and webshop. Ready for you, the retailer, to be discovered.

Tip from Erwin

The new online catalogues for the 2022 collection are ready. Would you like to receive the link for the online indoor and/or outdoor catalogue? Please ask your account manager. Are you not yet a client? Then please fill in the form.


Decorate your store in Global Essence style. Ask your account manager for the tailor-made possibilities in store presentation material and signing. Are you looking for content to support your marketing activities online? Elke from the marketing department would be happy to help. Mail her at

For your convenience, we have bundled the products that perfectly fit the Global Essence trend in a special webshop category.