Balcony life – 4 challenges and solutions

When a client tells you, he only has a balcony or roof terrace, it can be difficult to know what to advice. When space is at a premium and the weather is a determining factor, consumers don’t have room for experiments that go wrong. So, we’ve taken the guess-work out of balcony styling, to ensure your clients get it right every time. We looked at the four biggest challenges in balcony styling, and then picked the best balcony planters and pots to advice to your clients with small outdoor spaces. Browse for all suitable hangers and planters in the special balcony category in the web shop.

Challenge 1. Limited space

When space is limited, you want to make the most of every bit of it. If you’re able to attach pots to the roof and walls of your balcony, they can provide extra space for a chair or table. Plus the walls will look more attractive covered in plants and pots. You could make a simple planter for veggies, or make a creative dramatic statement. Even if you don’t have an outdoor area, there are possibilities. Turn your living room into a terrace. Set your creativity free! Outside belongs to everyone.

Challenge 2. Weight

Before you start your balcony garden, it’s important that you’re confident about how much weight the balcony can bear. Ceramic or terracotta pots can be surprisingly heavy. You may want to opt for our lightweight eco-plastic or Wik’r containers.

Challange 3. Wind

Another challenge you may face when creating a balcony garden is wind. Pots and balcony planters can get blown over easily unless they’re fastened in place. Place pots in corners, out of the wind and choose the right balcony racks for balcony planters. On a heavy-duty windy balcony, simply choose Cera-Mix pots. They are made from recycled plastic and are unbreakable! The same goes for the Wik’r range of eco-baskets.

Challenge 4. Sun

Plants in pots on sunny balconies can really bake. The answer is to choose pots with a drainage system that give the plant a water buffer. What also helps, of course, are drought-tolerant, sun-loving plants. Look to the Mediterranean for your inspiration. Most Mediterranean herbs like Rosemary and Thyme are also winter hardy. This in combination with a carefree drainage system creates a real low-maintenance balcony.

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