Get 10% off fabulous packages. We have put together five offers containing XL pots. Benefit now from this once only discount. This unique promotion runs until April 1. Your pots will be delivered after October 1, 2022.


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Indispensable in our current range. Pure handmade ceramic. The ideal pot for medium-sized plants. Ryan steals the show effortlessly. With its bright colors and charming design it winds all plants around its pot. Be the first to take advantage of this attractive Ryan offer.


New in our collection! Jane is a sturdy basket with characterful finish. In this set you get Jane’s in 3 worldly colors; Jungle, Savanne and Desert. For each type of consumer the right color. But even more fun to mix and match. Go crazy and break the rules. By colorblocking you create with only one pot-plant combination a great eye catcher that no customer will miss. Combine Jane Savanne with a pink Calathea Triostar. Jane Desert with an Aloe Vera, Jane Jungle with a blue Bromeliads. That will stand out!


Breaking! A traditional handmade flower pot from Portugal. With its classic shape and graphic texture, Dex is making a splash this year. Dare to play with the design. Reflect the friendly round shape of the pot in your plant choices. Combine Dex with a Ficus Lyrata on a stem, for example.


Stef has proven himself in recent years as an all-round friend. Therefore, there is now this special action set with no less than 10 sizes. An all-time favorite, handmade from sea grass. The weaving shows beautiful details of the gorgeous natural material. Equipped with plastic lining. Suitable for a plant, but also as storage! Popular with anyone who loves a natural touch in the interior.


From our new collection. Rinca with stylish structure and contemporary colors. Hand-turned into a modern masterpiece. Stands out by just being itself. Rinca is at its best in a basic interior with Scandinavian character. In this set you will receive Shiny Black and Shiny Green.

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