Have you seen our stunning 2020 collection yet?

No!? It’s not too late to visit our House of Inspiration in Rijssen. Our new spring / summer collection 2020 goes wider and deeper than ever. We introduce over 2500 m2 filled with countless cool series, also introducing two completely new product groups. The 2020 range is innovative and surprising. We will show you that sustainability and stylish go very well together.

The year 2020 brings us contrast and a new look at sustainability. The demand for eco-friendly products is soaring. Consumers want to demonstrate their sustainable credentials, but are unwilling to compromise on style and comfort. The answer to this lies in product groups that combine style and sustainability. Want to know more? Read our Press Release.

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Sustainable, natural and familiar,
Our indoor and outdoor collection is growing,

Stunning trend themes, signing and shelf plans,
A truly amazing in-store presentation,

The new spring-summer collection 2020,
Which is bursting with inspiration,

The green world is flourishing,
Our partnership is blossoming!

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