Sales arguments

  • Provided with drainage system
  • Longer plant life
  • Synthetic material with a luxurious look
  • Can be combined with a pillar

Art en Vogue

The collection by Art en Vogue is stylish and has a luxurious look. The Artstone pot forms the basis for an Art en Vogue pot and has been given a high-gloss finishing. This glossy finishing ensures the luxurious look of the product, which is available in different shapes and colours. The pillars from the Art en Vogue collection ensure a lasting impact.

Provided with a drainage system 
Each pot from the Art en Vogue collection has been provided with a unique drainage system. In this system, any surplus water not used by the plant is collected in the reservoir in the bottom of the flowerpot. During dry spells, the plant will be able to draw water from this. This way the plant will be able to look after its own water needs without getting its feet wet! The available inlay will ensure that large pots, with a height of up to 90 cm, only need to be partly filled with potting compost. Each inlay has been provided with a water meter.

Presentation furniture and shelf plan
Shelf plans offer convenient guidelines for shelf presentation. Ter Steege provides signing to support the commercial presentation of the Art en Vogue collection on the shop floor.

Art en Vogue is a brand by Ter Steege. The pots are suitable for indoor use.

Available in the following colours: