Sales arguments

  • Made of 100% recycled and natural material
  • Fully recyclable
  • Provided with drainage system
  • Plants stay beautiful much longer
  • All weather proof
  • Indoor and outdoor


We are very careful with our beautiful earth. That is why we do not use new material when making Artstone flower pots, but 100% recycled and natural material. In this way we contribute to a clean ocean and a healthier environment so that future generations can also enjoy a healthy, green earth.

Drainage system with water reservoir
We can be brief about that: “Yes!” The term sustainability has several meanings for us. The basis lies in making a reliable, future-proof and beautiful product made from responsible raw materials. An Artstone pot is made for the future. You can see that, and feel that. All our pots are made of 100% recycled plastic and natural stone powder, and they are also fully recyclable. In addition, Artstone pots are equipped with our own unique drainage system. A sustainable system that contributes positively to easy gardening and, last but not least, the lifespan of plants. We notice that in the conversation about sustainability the focus is on the flowerpot. Understandable, but isn’t it the nature that matters most? We promise that we will never lose sight of plant health. Plants stay beautiful longer in an Artstone pot!

Presentation furniture and shelf plan
For the presentation of this successful collection in your shop, Ter Steege can provide presentation furniture and signing. The shelf plan developed for the entire Artstone collection will offer you convenient guidelines for its presentation within the available space in your shop.
Ter Steege is exclusive importer for the Artstone brand in Europe. For many years, Artstone has been successfully sold in garden centres across Europe.

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