Sales arguments

  • Eco-friendly
  • 100% gerecycled
  • 100% recyclable
  • all weather proof
  • Drainage system
  • Multi functional

TS Cera-Mix

Our Cera-Mix collection is made to make life greener. Cera-Mix helps the earth to stay greener by giving waste a second life. What is better than making a flower pot, and at the same time creating more room for green living. The ultimate win-win situation; more space for greenery and less waste of greenery.

Made to make life greener
Cera-Mix pots are made with 50% recycled plastic and 50% natural stone powder. A unique sustainable mix of materials that hasn’t turned to waste, but is made into beautiful sustainable flowerpots. A strong, beautiful pot that is friendly to the environment and the personal style. A universal pot collection with all the features and conveniences that the conscious consumer is looking for.

Presentation furniture and shelf plans
Ter Steege provides presentation furniture and store signing for the presentation of this collection in shops. The shelf plan that has been developed for the TS Cera-Mix collection provides guidance when setting up the available space on the shop floor or on the shelves.

The Cera-Mix collection

Made to make life greener

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