Sales arguments

  • Limited Edition
  • Exclusive home items
  • Metal, mango wood and enamel
  • Eyecatchers
  • Premium quality

Designed by Lammie

Designer Lammie van Wieringen took the brush and painted six signature designs, exclusively for TS Collection.

Let’s celebrate nature!
‘Nature fascinates me, it has so many faces. It can be unpredictable, calm and passionate. I have captured this diversity in six prints, each celebrating its own theme from nature.’

With a touch of gold

Quality and exclusivity are the pillars of Designed by Lammie, a range packed with colour and character. ‘We opted for premium materials with beautiful finishes. Without compromising on quality and with a ‘touch of gold’. The result is a collection of luxury home items with innate eye-catching talent. Released as -limited edition- to ensure exclusivity.’