Sales arguments

  • CSR project
  • Wooden living and garden accessoiries
  • Rustic and cheerful colours


Roots is a brand with an extraordinary story. The collection comprises an extensive range of wooden lifestyle and garden accessories, to which people with a mental or physical challenge have contributed.

The production of this collection takes place in Vietnam. In a nearby institution, the wooden lifestyle accessories are hand-painted. The residents are receiving an honest salary for this, which benefits them in various ways: they contribute to society, receive training, and earn their own money! The outdoor collection consists of various bird feeders and nesting boxes, as well as other small garden accessories painted in cheerful and neutral colours. Other home accessories that have been hand-painted in a colourful way include trays, letters of the alphabet, and candleholders.

Presentation furniture and shelf plan
When presenting Roots on the shop floor, the extraordinary story of this brand is focussed on. There is a range of presentation furniture available, and the shelf plan will offer you convenient guidelines for its presentation within the available space in your shop.

Roots is a brand by Ter Steege. The wooden accessories are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Mogelijkheden Roots

In-store presentation

When presenting the Roots collection on the shop floor, the extraordinary story of this brand is focussed on.

A better future

The residents of this institution in Vietnam are facing a bright future thanks to their contribution to the production of the range of Roots products.