Tableware by Sharon

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • Made of high quality porcelain
  • 3 style trend sets
  • 6 colour sets

Tableware by Sharon

At the table we enjoy the best moments together. We laugh, listen and share our passion. This includes a beautiful service that not only matches your own style, but also harmonizes with your planters and decorative objects. In collaboration with Sharon de Jager, we have put together the ultimate mix-and-match service: Urban Nature. There are plenty of boring services, but this is certainly not one of them! We deliberately chose three very different styles that can be combined indefinitely with these six services in single colors. Urban Nature is a collection of passion and depth that no one can see enough.

The presentation of tableware is an art, especially when it comes to such versatile services as Urban Nature. In order to personally address different consumer groups, we have decided to present these services in our three trend styles: Bohemian Blossom, Scandinavian Breeze and Wild Deluxe. Sharon has created a motif for each style that is depicted on the service. Because, as she herself says: “The most important place in the world deserves beautiful things.” That’s the way it is!

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Sharon by Ter Steege


Cheerful and colourful.


Tropical and Bohemian.


Peaceful and natural.


A breeze of blue green.


Dark and yellow contrast.


Welcome to the jungle.