Sales arguments

  • Natural appearance
  • Weatherproof
  • Lightweighted
  • For indoor and outdoor

TS Artclay

TS Artclay is a no-nonsense collection with basic outdoor pots. We have chosen a number of strong designs; classic round and modern square, supplemented with contemporary designs with a dash of Dutch cosiness. The different series complement each other and can be combined well.

Hand pressed fiberclay

TS Artclay pots are strong and light, they are made of fiberclay. A mold is made for each model where the fiber layer is applied by hand on the inside. A layer of clay is applied, a fiber mat is pressed into it. If the pot has enough layers, it dries in the open air. The result is a super strong, lightweight pot that is also attractively priced. A proud collection of indispensable pots.