Sales arguments

  • European soul
  • Traditionally handmade ceramics
  • Made in Holland ceramics
  • Manufactured close to home
  • Plenty of choice
  • Trendy and stylish


TS European Flower Pots are made in Europe, close to home, and that shows. The range is lively and stylish. This diverse range consists of attractive series, made from the best ceramics. The different designs offer you as a retailer enough choice to create your own collection. Every six months, we present new series and colours.

Made in Holland
Part of Ter Steege’s European range is Made in Holland. For example, the Sven and Sytse series. These series have a North European soul, solid and modern. Because these pots come from a factory line, as a retailer you know exactly what to expect. We see clean lines with a smooth matte finish, alternated with fashionable colours and graphic textures.

Traditional handmade flower pots of ceramics
Most of our TS European series are traditionally hand turned by experienced craftsmen in Europe. Our cooperation with these craftsmen is based on years of mutual trust and respect. The choice for beautiful durable materials and favourable working conditions is a focus for both parties. As far as we are concerned, this is the starting point for a stylish and honest product of high quality.