Sales arguments

  • Unique eye catchers
  • Trendy and timeless
  • Awesome quality
  • Handmade from durable ceramics
  • Versatile and stunning
  • The retailer is our focus


TS Glazed flower pots are real eye catchers, they effortlessly give the interior a new style. They have the most beautiful shapes and structures, emphasized with a glossy finish. The shiny top layer accentuates trend colors and provides extra contrast. With TS Glazed, the interior is always up to date. Our Glazed flower pots are made of clay with a beautiful porous structure, which is not guaranteed 100% waterproof. Our production companies use different techniques and materials. One series has a semi-automatic basis while the other series is made entirely by hand. This creates a versatile collection of trendy and stylish pots, with a personal touch.

The retailer is our focus
We have developed complete shelf plans and store presentations for our retailers, all to promote higher returns and more shopping pleasure. Are you interested in having one of our collections or brands? Contact us immediately.