Why choose TS indoor Handmade?

  • Stylish and trendy
  • Truly unique items
  • Made by skilled craftsmen
  • Sustainable and natural materials
  • Lots of choices and possibilities
  • Theme store presentation

TS Indoor Handmade

Handmade pots, unique, pure and exciting! Our TS collection is made out of clay by hand into beautiful pots. The reason we chose clay was easy. It is the most sustainable and natural material for reliable and strong pots with a stunning porous structure, a handmade pot is not 100% waterproof. One pot gets a pulver coating, another pot is stylishly glazed. During the traditional process of making a pot from clay, it is held over 20 times by the hands of our skilled craftsmen. This ensures that all our pots are truly unique with individual pattern variations, small distinctions in structure and tiny differences in size. Our TS collection is an exciting display of expert and talented design!

The best presentations and shopping experience

Each year we come up with annual themes based on the latest trends and developments. These themes are the very foundation of all our expressions, products and store presentations. They serve as a guidance and inspiration for both us and our retailers. Themes are a great addition to customers shopping experience as they love getting ideas and inspiration from them.