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Selling Points

  • Ceramics and cement
  • Every flowerpot is unique
  • The best basics for any interior style
  • A timeless collection
  • Large choice
  • Varied assortment


The TS Handmade collection offers retailers a reliable range of handmade flower pots, full of style, choice and quality. The number of sales outlets of TS Handmade is growing steadily. This comes as no surprise when you look at market developments and consumer trends. Sustainability, tradition and nature are the key elements of TS Handmade.

Basic and rural flower pots for indoors
The TS Handmade range is known worldwide for its traditional rural indoor flower pots. This collection has countless unique series specially designed for a timelessly stylish interior. Series such as Anne and Saar are true evergreens and can no longer be imagined without on the shelves of garden centers. A Handmade flower pot is indispensable in any living style.

Ter Steege is a leading wholesaler of pottery with an experience of more than 85 years. Would you like to sell our Handmade collection? Feel free to visit our showroom in Rijssen, our House of Inspiration with more than 2500 square meters of flower pots and home decoration. Our account managers will be happy to advise you on the best choice for your greenery store. Take a look at our webshop.