This is TS Naturals

  • Handmade from 100% natural material.
  • The connecting factor between flower pots, home accessories and furniture.
  • The most beautiful and best choice for your interior and the environment.
  • Made for indoor use.
  • Handmade from natural material.
  • Small differences in size and color give each item its own character.
  • Handmade with love.
  • Each item is unique and heart-warming.



TS Naturals is made for the future. This 100% natural collection is filled with heart-warming handmade wicker. From macramées and baskets to ottomans and rugs. and indispensable atmospheric collection for the conscious green store. Our TS Naturals collection is progressive in design and production. The TS Naturals collection was created with a clear goal in mind: “Creating an attractive and sustainable collection filled with beautiful natural products that work together in the store and at the consumer’s home. A collection that strives to create tasteful store presentations that ensure more shopping pleasure and a higher turnover. ”

Bring nature inside
All our basketwork is woven by hand from materials that come directly from nature such as sea grass, banana leaf, paper, jute, textile and willow. These 100% high-quality natural materials are braided by hand, so there are always small size and color differences. This is what makes our collection so special and full of character. Every item is truly unique and heart-warming. TS Naturals are all stylish items that are made to make the interior more natural, comfortable and greener. Green has a double meaning for us in this case. In addition to opting for natural materials and traditional methods, the entire TS Naturals collection is fully recyclable. This also applies to the watertight plastic interior.