Sales arguments

  • Exclusive and unique
  • Strong blend of polyester and stone powder
  • Contemporary modern
  • For indoors and outdoors

TS Synthetics

Special pots for special people, TS Synthetics is a unique collection. For a specific target group we designed a collection that is practical, strong and luxurious, a top pot!

The best of both worlds, polyester and stone powder, mixed into elastic emulsion. A silicone mould is covered with the strong malleable material. The pot dries up and the result is a super strong pot with a luxurious look.

The production method and material mix makes us very flexible in designing separate designs that are both lightweight and mega strong. In addition, this line of pots is very easy to clean with a slightly damp cloth. Very practical in spaces where many people come.

TS Synthetics pots are supplied without a hole so that they are particularly suitable for indoor use. Choose by colour, style or series whether you present the pots in the indoor or outdoor area of the store. This spread provides extra visibility and shows more possibilities. This consumer likes to get unique and stylish inspiration tips.