• Decoratie dieren voor buiten
  • Voederbak voor vogels in de tuin
  • Roestkleurige vlinder
  • Windwaaier voor in de tuin
  • Hangende vogels voor in de tuin
  • Windmolen voor in de tuin
  • Roestkleurige kip

TS Gardendeco

TS is the home brand of Ter Steege. TS Gardendeco is a new TS collection; contemporary ironwork decoration for home and garden. The TS Gardendeco...

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  • Artstone Maud - grijs
  • Artstone Bola zwart
  • Artstone bloempot Luna drainagesysteem
  • Artstone Claire - Oak
  • Artstone Claire - zwart
  • Artstone bloempot Ella Eucalyptus
  • Artstone Claire
  • Artstone schotels
  • Artstone Claire - zwart en grijs
  • Artstone Growset
  • Artstone bloempotten turquoise
  • Artstone bloempot - lichtgewicht - kunststof bloempot
  • Artstone Claire winkelpresentatie


The collection of pots by Artstone has been manufactured from a mixture of synthetic material and stone. The presence of stone in this mixture is...

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All our TS Zinc items have been designed by our own designers and molded into individual and usable shapes for your home and garden. They are...

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WIK’R is TS Collection its newest series of outdoor baskets. They are made of environmental friendly plastic and therefor you can leave the...

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The GRC collection is new in the product range of Ter Steege. The collection is part of the TS home brand. The TS GRC pots and planters are unique...

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TS Concrete

A wide collection with a sturdy appearance typifies the TS Concrete collection. TS is the home brand of Ter Steege and TC Concrete is one of its many...

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TS Artclay

This collection of pots is made from cement and bears the name TS Artclay. A TS Artclay pot is lightweight and of high quality. TS is the home brand...

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TS XL pottery

TS is the home brand of Ter Steege. The TS XL Pottery collection is new, eye-catching and exclusive. The large sizes and unique forms make the TS...

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TS Universal

The pot range by the TS Universal brand has been manufactured from synthetic material. The special finishings give the pots from this collection a...

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TS Ceramics

TS is the home brand of Ter Steege. The TS Ceramics collection for outdoor use is highly versatile. The contemporary range of Ceramics has been made...

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TS Cera-Mix

The collection of pots by the TS Cera-Mix brand is very diverse. These simple pots and vases, made of synthetic material, have been given a...

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