From 1 June 2022, we will present the new collection for Spring 2023. A collection with the theme ‘The Adventure of Change’. Because the year 2023 is all about change. In recent years, so much has changed in the world, through all these developments on the outside, we ourselves are also transforming. This starts as a personal journey of development. We are striving to make ourselves, our environment and the world a better and more beautiful place. In this adventure of change, our personal living and garden styles move with us.

We invite you to come and see our showroom and collection in Rijssen. Join us on the Adventure of Change in our House of Inspiration.

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‘The Adventure of Change’

In the year 2023 we are no longer afraid of change, quite the contrary. We smile at change and see the benefits and joys of transformation. Personal development and self-growth are all around us. We are doing everything to make ourselves and the world a little better. We want to feel good, to be better for the people around us. To ultimately make the world a better place for generations to come. On a personal level, we are taking decisions that change our lives. Lifestyles are in a state of flux. In this process of continuous change, personal living and garden styles evolve with it.

Trends 2023

Every year, the world changes and trends develop – that is nothing new. But the year 2023 brings a lot of change, and that is positive! In this year of change, the world will look very different. This is reflected in the three trend rooms in the showroom! The new collection of our house brand TS Collection conforms to the new wishes. We have chosen to express these in three different consumer styles; our very own trends for 2023. These trends serve as a source of inspiration for the consumer. They offer the retailer something to hold on to in terms of design and assortment for 2023. If you want, you can adopt the trends 1-on-1, we have shop presentation material ready for you. Of course, we are not revealing anything visual yet, but we would like to tell you something about the background of the trends.

‘Keep calm and cocoon’

Growing and enjoying at your own pace goes best in a quiet, safe environment. Light colours with a warm finish. Matt, smooth surfaces and basic designs. Natural materials such as sea grass and cement, but also eco-plastics.

‘Bursting out of my bubble’

For a while we lived in our own bubble. We learned to live thoughtfully and self-consciously, focusing on what is truly important. Now we are bursting out of our bubble to proudly show who we really are. And we do so in all our glory, with all the trimmings. Think luxury materials such as glass and metal, and glazed ceramics in nice striking colours.

‘I’m unique, perfectly imperfect!’

Nothing and nobody is perfect, and that should be seen. This way everyone's authenticity comes to the foreground. We create a unique house and garden. We see products with a handmade look, with dents and irregularities. Culture and traditions appeal to us. We prefer heart-warming colours, strong materials with a touch of bling-bling metal.

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