And then there is Dark Comfort. The 3rd and final style trend for 2022. Last but certainly not least. A style that embraces, captures us and won’t let go. Daily life offers society a lot of opposites and contradictions. This can sometimes feel dark. This goes against the nature of man, who seeks harmony. As a counter-reaction, and perhaps even to learn to accept division, we allow it into our living style. Secretly, we find this imbalance very interesting. Reflecting on society, we go for dark, exciting and atmospheric. With varied materials, from luxurious and smooth to rough and rugged, we manage to create an inviting, challenging atmosphere. An honest and safe, but above all courageous environment, where it is easy to come to your senses. And that is exactly what we need for the coming year.

This is Dark Comfort

Dark Comfort is about contrast, and how to embrace it. We have realized that not everyone is the same. We can’t always agree, nor can we look the same. Let’s respect all these differences and take them to the next level. Everyone is unique, that should be celebrated! This is reflected in the three pillars of the Dark Comfort style:

  • contrast plays the main role, contrast in color, in material, and contrast in shape and size
  • deep basic tones such as dark blue, black and brown are complemented by warm yellow and red tones
  • the choices are contradictory in themselves, but as a whole the result is unmistakably warm and comfortable

Once the trend was established, our designers and buyers joined forces. Come to your Senses with the Dark Comfort collection. Discover the Dark Comfort ambiance in our showrooms in Rijssen and Aalsmeer.

In the special category on the webshop, you will find all the products that perfectly fit into the warm atmosphere of the Dark Comfort style.

Metal plant pots

In the Dark Comfort trend we see a lot of metal. Logical, because metal is a material that can shake things up. It is straightforward, slick and provocative. Metal also feels luxurious, and we experience that as pleasant. Combined with the soft natural shape and color of plants, metal provides the excitement that this trend is looking for.

In recent years, our metal range has grown. TS Metal is now known as a high quality and super atmospheric collection. For 2022 we have once again included beautiful pieces in our range. From small metal pots to XL metal planters. We have ensured a wide variety of shapes and colors, without straying too far from what looks natural. Because the TS Metal collection involves pure handicraft, and that craft deserves to be seen. All pots are processed by hand, it’s genuine craftsmanship! Good to know is that the pots with welds are delivered with a matching Lucas inlay. This way every pot is 100% waterproof. Isn’t that great? Curious about the entire TS Metal collection? Check it out on the webshop.


Metal is a beautiful natural material that is an industrial and luxurious addition to the personal living style. Metal is particularly suitable for indoors, but consider adding a metal planter to the interior of the conservatory and porch. Remember that metal oxidizes. Despite the fact that a large part of our collection is made from a single piece, and is therefore 100% waterproof, it will eventually oxidize. That is a shame! Always recommend a plastic inlay to consumers. Our Lucas inlays are made from recycled plastic and available in 14 sizes for pot and vase.