Let’s celebrate nature!

Designer Lammie van Wieringen took the brush and painted six signature designs, exclusively for TS Collection. ‘Nature fascinates me, it has so many faces. It can be unpredictable, calm and passionate. I have captured this diversity in six prints, each celebrating its own theme from nature.’

With a touch of gold

Quality and exclusivity are the pillars of Designed by Lammie, a range packed with colour and character. ‘We opted for premium materials with beautiful finishes. Without compromising on quality and with a ‘touch of gold’. The result is a collection of luxury home items with innate eye-catching talent. Released as -limited edition- to ensure exclusivity.’


Penny Peach

Penny Peach nods to a carefree time. A bit vintage, a pinch of retro, but still crisp and elegant. Full enjoyment of life and nature, simply as it comes.

Willow Tree

Willow Tree pays tribute to green trees, which like the colour grey are neutral in every way. An all-rounder when it comes to style and combinations.

Fiesta Fuchsia

With the exuberant Fiesta Fuchsia design, it’ s always a party in the house. An enthusiastic design full of spirit and everyday happy moments.

Dutch Blue

Dutch Blue reflects the peace and sobriety of Dutch nature and culture. Holland looks orderly and controlled. But behind this apparent calmness lies eagerness and passion.

Bee Green

Bee Green reflects the many faces of nature. The power and opulence, the magic and excitement. But also the fragility, delicate and sensitive.

Sparkle Spring

Sparkle Spring represents the recklessness and boldness of spring. The sparkling season that decorates the world with the awakening colours of everything that is growing and thriving.