Discover the TS autumn winter collection 2021-2022

More than ever, there is a need for togetherness and ambience. Home is more important than ever, and we have taken that into account. We therefore surprise you with a collection full of zest and power. In particular, we are introducing several dynamic indoor series in the Glazed and Metal categories. With the focus on luxury and intensity, we have chosen fearless colors and lively designs. Designs have been chosen with which consumers can make a statement. Striking articles that allow them to really reinforce their own style.


In our search for coziness and atmosphere, we also long for a bit of a nostalgia. The new Glazed series radiate elegance and ambiance. Vintage, luxury, retro and suppleness, in a pleasantly playful way. Trendy is still the approach, that is unmistakable.


There is increasing demand for metal planters, they are practical, lightweight and give the interior a cool yet chic interpretation. This autumn we really go all out. Extraordinary series with stunning metal colors and new types of articles. From mystic green to old camel, from rose gold to skyburn. There are pots, bowls, vases and hanging pots. The smaller metal pots have now really found their place among the larger sets. Eccentric, but above all very stylish and warm.

Ivana creates impact

Our love for plants grows, our plants grow, and our collection grows with them. For the ultimate pot-plant statement there is Ivana, with pot sizes up to 150 cm high. Combine with a Strelizia or Ficus tree and create an enviable showpiece.

Ivana is an XXL pot made of the best ceramics, fired at 1300 degrees Celsius for extra strength. You can place Ivana outside. Drill a hole in the bottom for good drainage, and Ivana is frost-resistant.

Hanging Pots

We are collecting more and more plants around us. The more plants the better! When there is no more room on the floor, we like to hang plants. With our new hanging pots there is no turning back, hanging plants are now officially part of personal living style. We have hanging pots in all types and materials. Glazed mini’s, high gloss metal and obviously our evergreen series Cresta and Esra had to follow suit.