Welcome in the year 2020! The Autumn/ Winter 2020-2021 edition of EFSA Trend Magazine offers new food for thought for upcoming styles, colours, materials and finishes. Based on the trend forecast from our international partner Nelli Rode, the four new themes reflect different consumer groups’values and provide a reliable basis for you to plan next winter’s collection.

Holistic Harmony

Fascination with the Far East brings its iconic plants, styles and practices into the western living. Maples, moss, hydrangeas, aquatic plants, bonsai and bamboo set the scene in which the arts of Ikebana, Origami and Kintsugi exert influence on styling. Functionality and simplicity provide space for highly detailed graphics and motifs, with indigo trending prominently in soft furnishings.

Light enhanced by reflections

A base of inky blues and celadon jades plays against powder pinks and orangy reds, with refined gold providing precious metallisation.

Brutal Boheme

Urban life demands minimalistic design that favours practicality, while indulging in the elegant aestetics of bespoke craftsmanship. Seasonal white-flowers, graphic plants and ephemeral installations complement one another as east meets west in Ikebana fusion. Rethinking environmental consruction, organic and mineral materials come togheter in useful, sometimes oversized sculptures.

Minimalism and textures

Muted minerals all the way, brightened only by a powerful touch of elegant, gilded bronze. A spectrum of urban mineral greys lays the base beneath a gradation of coloured white-greys inspired by natural stones. Structure speaks louder than colour.

Wonderful Witch

All that’s bizarre, enchanting and grotesque within nature is brewed into romantic, baroque decoration. Oddities such as black flowers, seeds and leaves make their presence felt among riotous vegetation and long-stemmed flowers. Forbidden, poisonous fruit competes with medicinally beneficial plants and flowers. Traditional crafts, practices and displays evoke the twilight ambience of a gothis curiosity cabinet.

Nature reclaims her rights

Black, together with other colours of embers and red-hot charcoal form a deep, dark base. Acidic sulphur green joins a family of fuchsia and purplish shades to provide accents. While metallisation manifests in a soppery tone.

Cool Chalet

Family values drive a return to nature and artisanal culture, in a setting inspired by life in the mountains. Pine cones, alpine plants, mountain animals and a taste of maple syrup feature alongside wood, wool, leather and brick. Tartans and lumberjack checks are to be found indoors and out, as modernised tradition guides the way.

Togetherness crafted from nature

A harmonious mountain woodland pallet, where the base of woody tones that pay homage to forest trees is accented with edible colours of maple syrup, berries, cornflowers, herbs and ice. A hint of sparkle comes from powdery, brushed, patinated gold metallisation.