EFSA trends autumn/winter 2017/2018

Published on: 18 June 2017

Today’s consumers long for surprises, for positivity and products with a ‘feel good’ message. They are more and more sensitive to the origin of products, the way they are made and the mission of a brand. The biggest mistake a retailer can make is to be boring. Be daring. Be inspirting! The following inspiring EFSA themes for autumn/winter 2017-2018 strongly affirm this.

Modest Manor

This light, charming theme is full of natural materials like bleached wood and ceramic pots. The garden plays a major role, both inside the house and out.

Rare Rooftop

A vintage yet industrial atmosphere, this theme speaks to the urban consumer. Furniture is massive, colours are bright with touches of brick and steel and succulents dominate the house.

Penthouse Passion

This modern classical theme has a warm, feminine ambiance with colours focussing on beiges, greys pinks and oranges. Flowers are bright, almost kitschy. It will get you in a light-hearted party mood.

Soulful Shelter

Mysterious, powerful, baroque, quirky: this theme has a raw, wild yet precious spirit full of natural materials, luxurious textiles and warm colours with a touch of gold.