EFSA trends autumn/winter 2018/2019

Published on: 23 July 2018

The EFSA trends autumn/ winter 2018-2019 all have a sense of preciousness, a common factor in four otherwise versatile themes focussing on different target audiences. A new luxury, a sensual  preciousness in design, extravagant metal finishes and stylized nature, mixed with conscious preciousness that is all about creative re-use, education, encounters and sharing.


Consumers who like the autheticity of the countryside combined with a modern twist, will feel at home in the Lovely Lodga. This theme combines natural materials, vintage objects and study furniture for a charming ambiance.


A clientele that loves fashion and a little sophistication will love the oriental quality and Art Deco references of the Curious Collage house. With its prominent prints, bright colours and hotel lobby spirit, this theme is an hommage to the very definition of the urban environment.


The Delicate Desire athmosphere draws consumers who appriciate modern design and originality. This them combines powdery, light colours with pure lines and is open to nature and  the outdoors. A very contemporary and comfortable setting.


The Urban Unity home is the place where consumers reside in an urban environment where nature is stylized, idealized and theatricalized. Consumers are looking for qulity and friendliness. Vintage pices, antiques or collectibles, highly staged in an interior decorator spirit.