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EFSA trends spring/summer 2020

Yes, the new EFSA trends are out. We are always looking forward to this special moment, when EFSA presents its style trends for the coming season to the general public. As we stated earlier in the presentation of our own trends, 2020 will be the year of contrast. We see a lot of color, heavy prints and a folklore of materials. But on the other hand the calm, sober colors stand out. Natural materials play the leading role in all trends.

Family Fresh

Charming and relaxed family homes. Drenched in pastels and watercolours that weave their presence into a patchwork of geometric, mosaic and playful patterns. Seasonal flowers, baby animals, cute sea creatures and birds bring life to mismatched collections. A quest for the contemporary finds comfort in vintage references.



Cosmopolitan Cool

Gathering references from around the world, in Bohemian spaces filled with stylised ethnic influences, artisan finishes and exotic plants. A medley of textures, real and imaginary, through busy reliefs and optical illusions. Mosaics and geometric forms mix and match in celebration of ‘glocal’.

Divine Desert

The dry, arid environments of Northern Africa and the Middle East find a cool oasis in a contemporary habitat. Terracotta and dried natural fibres feature abundantly, in their bare, romantic beauty or decorated with lively motifs. Imperfections are a defining characterstic.

Super Shed

A Latino style island beach cabana tells a summery, paradisiacal universe decorated in ethnic and gypsy chic. Coloured braids, ribbons and synthetic fibres weave their way into all kinds of furnishings and objects. While tropical sea creatures, exotic birds and flamboyant flowers remind of nature’s influence.