EFSA trends spring/summer 2017

Published on: 22 August 2016

To be ready for the future, we have to move our focus from the products we’re selling, to the people we are selling them to. In this digitalized world, it is now more important than ever to be relevant to consumers, to know exactly what they want and what they need, even before they do. These four themes will help you understand a wide range of consumers wishes for Spring/Summer 2017.

In action

In Action is a strong, sturdy theme which blurs the lines between genders. It is full of renewed shapes and unbreakable materials. Clean, sober and well organized, it speaks to urban early adopters.

Home made paradise

Home Made Paradise is a positive and creative theme, full of paper decorations, spontaneous embroidery and vivid colours. With a sense of freedom and a closeness to nature, it is a dream for the relaxed neo-bohemian.

Dream lab

Dream Lab is a poetic, experimental theme. Minimalistic, well composed and delicate.
With its soft colours, its combination of art and science and its soft blend of innovation, it has a futuristic vision for the romantic soul.

All terrain

All Terrain has a survival attitude: it is energetic, strong and powerful. It is design orientated, without losing focus of the world around us. Outdoor lovers, hikers and bikers will feel strongly connected to this theme full of natural neutrals.