European Style

European Style is bursting with possibilities, fresh and charming, with a cozy spirit. In this range, we bring you flower pots with a contemporary country look. Proven designs with likeable shapes, in basic colours or perhaps a delightful trend colour. TS Collection’s European range effortlessly gives the interior an ambient update.

European soul

The European range listens to the world and knows which designs and colours are favoured. New designs match the European soul that loves style and timelessness.


The basis of this range consists of pottery that has been around for years. These evergreens are regularly supplemented with new colours.

Hand-turned ceramics

Most of the European collection consists of flower pots that are still made in the traditional way. From clay, by hand, on a turntable. The result is a unique pot with a distinctive traditional character.

Made in Holland

Part of Ter Steege’s European range is Made in Holland. Because these pots come from a factory line, retailers always know exactly what to expect. These are pots with a Northern European soul, frank and fresh. We see clean lines with a smooth finish, varied with fashionable colours and graphic texture.