In our communications this year, we are focusing for the first time on this sustainable aspect, both in the Netherlands and beyond. Which is strange, because we are not actually doing things any differently than before. Our hand-made indoor flowerpot collection differentiates itself through its timeless basics, supplemented with numerous mood makers in trend colours. With their specific characteristics, our outdoor collections appeal to the various garden consumers. They are all hand decorated and made from high-quality natural products. In each product group, we inspire with sustainable and trendy objects that perfectly respond to current trends and the future.

100% recycled flowerpots

This year, we are devoting extra attention to the eco-friendly highlights Artstone and Cera-Mix, both made from 100% recycled and natural material. But sustainability is more than merely using responsible materials. The quality and the design of our pots must also be sustainable. Strong, wear-resistant pots that are modern and timeless. Yes, our flowerpots are exceptionally sustainable, but let’s not forget the plants in the conversation about sustainability. With Artstone’s unique drainage system, plants stay healthier and flourish for longer.


In a changing climate, the consumer is becoming more aware and more alert. In contrast to this, one of our main focuses is to enjoy. Enjoy each other, enjoy a comfortable and green home. The 2020 consumer wants to show that sustainable, multi-faceted and atmospheric make an excellent combination. We embrace this desire and respond with a conscious collection of flowerpots and home decorations that is as gorgeous as it is sustainable.