The second trend for 2022 that we have the pleasure of presenting we have named Sweet Charm. This style is frivolous, cheerful and elegant. Because we do need some lightheartedness, playful and airy. The circle of life amazes us. We enjoy the seasons and all the beauty that nature brings us. We realize more than ever that happiness is in the small things. And we enjoy them to the fullest. This does not mean that we are naïve or reckless, quite the contrary. Our bond with the earth gives us confidence. We let ourselves be carried away by what life gives us, and use this input to steer our individual style.


The circle of life is at the heart of the Sweet Charm trend. It refers to the change of seasons, but also the aging process of everything that lives. The emergence and decay of a single simple leaf, life itself, global climate change. How do we interact with the place we inhabit? What moves us? We have a great interest in foreign places, fresh solutions and other cultures. Our relationship with nature is the basis of our existence, it provides value and meaning. In the trend Sweet Charm we see a number of key points:

  • worldly influences, interpreted in charming ways
  • materials, patterns and textures inspired by nature
  • soft friendly blues and greens with warm pink accents

Once done philosophizing, the Sweet Charm moodboard began to take shape. Time for the purchasing team to “go with the flow” and put out the right products. The result is impressive and can be seen in our Sweet Charm ambience rooms. Come and taste the atmosphere in our showroom.


Decorating your store in Sweet Charm style? These tips will have you up and running in no time!

Tip 1:Provide a few green and pink color areas as a base. A pink table, a green wall – a good basis is half the battle.

Tip 2:Combine materials. Put basketwork next to shiny metal and combine with pots of glazed ceramic. Do not forget to add an eye-catching flower vase here and there.

Tip 3: This style loves flowers and leaves. Let botanical patterns recur here and there. A wallpaper with ivy or with flowers, a cushion with Sweet Charm print.

Tip 4: Confess color and show consumers ready-made combinations that represent this style. A beautiful vase with pink dried flowers, a light blue glazed pot with Aloe Vera, a green flower pot with a Calathea Triostar, a golden vase with Monstera.

Tip 5: The right products will complete the look. With the following heroes from our new assortment your store will be totally Sweet Charm proof in no time.  Of course we would be happy to supply you with suitable store presentation material. Just get in touch with your account manager. All items that perfectly fit the Sweet Charm trend can be found in the webshop. We have created a special page with only Sweet Charm products.

Tip van Carly

Interiors are becoming greener, we are bringing the outdoors in. We are literally spending more time outside under canopies and verandas. The styling of these spaces is therefore becoming increasingly important. We like to extend the style from inside to outside, so that both spaces fit together. This requires flexible, stylish products, preferably also sustainable. Flower pots that fit both indoors and outdoors offer a solution. Artstone pots are the perfect match! There is an Artstone pot for every style. Which pot suits your client best? Have your client do the Artstone type test. Curious? Discover everything about Artstone, including the test via the button below.