Green Decorations

We have designed ‘Green Decorations’ especially for your store. A concept in which atmosphere, green trends, personality and quality merge into one inspiring presentation. A stylish showcase of trendy pots, greenery and trendy home accessories that awakens the imagination and provokes creativity. A totally new concept with refined presentations and detailed shelf plans, that surprises and challenges customers to create a green and comfortable interior.

Fresh Happiness

Respond to the increasing demand for peace, outdoor life and ambiance in our modern lives. Fresh Happiness appeals to the consumer who likes a calm romantic atmosphere filled with subtle colors and playful accents.

With great care and attention we have designed Green Decorations, to add more character and charm to your store, to set the trend together and to amaze customers.


Green Energy

Green Energy brightens up the home with a soothing natural color palette and fresh elegant home accessories. It appeals to people that loves to take positivity and  nature inside during the dark season. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Show off! Seduce and surprise customers with a beautiful warm presentation that is right on trend. Green Decorations are designed to bring out the best in green in a stylish and appealing presentation that no one can ignore.

Exotic Chic

The Exotic Chic type knows that today is all about living with plants, they are an essential dimension in our urban lives. It is time to indulge greenery in our homes, in every form, from pots and plants, to lush accessories.

A Green Decorations presentation impresses and astonishes, it encourages customers to stay and watch. Treat customers with exciting new ideas for a passionate and stylish green interior.


Store presentation

Ter Steege has always been renewing; we love to innovate and surprise. With Green Decorations we really make a difference in the field of store presentations. We combine pots, plants and home accessories, as you would place them at home.

TS Green Decorations consists of fully worked out presentations and detailed shelf plans in three different style concepts ‘Fresh Happiness’, ‘Exotic Chic’ and ‘Green Energy’; one for every interior. We have thought of everything. Every style has its own pots, color palette, home accessories and plants. Because of that unique combination every style has its own look and feel. That is why we are able to provide every target group with tailor made inspiration.

People love this way of getting new ideas for their homes. We now have the opportunity to inspire customers with great ideas. Ideas they want to take home immediately. Let’s seize this opportunity to amaze and surprise together.

Let’s inspire and create.