Big Pot Discount 2020

Our annual Big Pot Discount has started. As you would expect from us, we present a number of attractive packages with large pots in various designs. This year we introduce Dani, a metal pot in two contemporary colors, fitting into the future elegant jungle trend. In addition, this promotion offers artisan handmade pots of Portuguese ceramics. Beautiful traditional pots that embrace every style of living. You can order until 22 March 2020. Order immediately, to make sure that from September you will be one of the first to offer these stylish pots in your shop.

from the TS Metal Collection

Surprisingly handcrafted metal plant baskets. In authentic brown and green shades for a stylish interior full of character. Plants with large leaves such as Ficus and Alocasia species. Also plants with large flowers bring a great contrast to the warm colored metal. These pots are interesting all year round. Because they are delivered in early autumn it is ideal to present them in an Indian Summer presentation. A sturdy metal pot series for the green shop that dares to combine.


Zembla en Esra
from the TS Handmade collection

A new series combined with a series that has been running for a longer time. Both have a similar design but with their own unique look. By combining them, we appeal to various consumer groups. Esra is the safe, timeless choice, while Zembla appeals to consumers who like a natural look, with a touch of glitter. Two pots that compliment each other but also stand on their own. Indispensable in your autumn/winter collection.

Handmade in Portugal

made of Portuguese ceramics

‘Classic basic pot full of character’

Pakket Karlijn L

Pakket Karlijn XL

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