Our collection of TS Naturals is pioneering in design and production. The TS Naturals collection originated with a clear goal: ‘To create an atmospheric and sustainable collection filled with wonderful natural products that have a unifying effect both in store and at home. A collection that strives to produce tasteful shop presentations that enhance enjoyment in store and improve turnover.’

In our new spring collection 2019/2020, we offer a series of baskets for every personal wish and style. All our wickerwork is hand woven from materials that come directly from nature, like sea-grass, banana leaves and willow. There are baskets with handles, stackable baskets, small baskets, big baskets and footstools. All stylish items made to make the interior more natural, more comfortable and greener. In this case, greener has a double meaning. Besides choosing natural materials and traditional working methods, the entire TS Naturals collection can be fully recycled. And that applies to the watertight plastic lining too. Meet the newest members of the TS Naturals family and ‘bring nature inside!’


Ido realises that we all need more sustainable and natural elements in our homes. We prefer not to throw anything away, so multifunctional items are more popular than ever. Ido is therefore super versatile, practical and timeless. A basket that is just as robust as it is elegant. Which is far ahead of its time and which can take a few knocks. It’s also stackable and has a fashionable stripe! Ido is good friends with ferns and cacti.


An interesting new series: Roy. Hand woven using sustainable sea-grass, a beautifully designed footstool and cushion. Watch out, because Roy is very artistic and fashionable and suits many styles and genres. Boho chic, wild botanical or sober elegant. Whether you use it to sit on or put something on, Roy effortlessly lifts your interior to another level. For anyone with a sustainable, stylish taste.


Liva is a watertight willow basket. Here on the photo with a white wash effect for a soft touch on a light floor. Style with a big cactus and a Kentia palm. A versatile basket with a versatile appearance. Fits in with both a minimalist Scandinavian style and a more luxurious interior.

How tropical do you want to go? Lida is made from banana leaves. In combination with greenery from plants, it’s very easy to create a green and comfortable interior. In combination with other materials from nature, such as terracotta, rope, wood and ceramics, you can make your own sustainable jungle at home in no time. Terrifically trendy and sustainable.


Nelis has a gentle character. Rather modest in terms of shape and colour, which ensures that it adapts to any interior style. With ornamental forms and elegant finishing, this might be the must have from the collection. Fabulous for showing off some cheeky greenery. Hanging plants like the Scindapsus pictus and Philodendron feel at home with the friendly tints and texture of Nelis. A very welcoming series of baskets.


Ray is a true world improver. With its rounded form and beautifully detailed weave, it radiates positive energy. And that’s something we need in this world. Ray loves all plants and interiors. Large leaved jungle plants look particularly good in this optimistic basket, like Calatheas and Monsteras. It has a sturdy, firm structure with lovely round forms. A prominent relief accentuates the handles on the sides. Besides being a tasteful aesthetic accent, it also makes the basket stronger and easy to move around. Ray is stackable and is woven from sea-grass by experienced artisans. A piece of sustainable craftsmanship.

Bring nature inside!

With a TS Naturals basket, you bring nature inside in a sustainable way. This ensures attractive and tasteful shop presentations that will attract the customer. Inspire customers with sustainable and trendy objects that perfectly respond to current trends and the future.