Home is more important than ever

After a year full of tumult and change, what we really need now is relaxation and a sense of atmosphere. We spend a lot of time at home, are working at home, and are spending more time on our own. As a result, we have come to consider our home more important than ever. In the process, we are spending more time in nature than before, much more. Nature turns out to be our greatest attraction. We enjoy being outside, it’s relaxing and addictive! We want the same thing at home.

It has been clear for a long time that plants have captured the hearts of the general public. We notice that the knowledge about plants is increasing, and so is the interest in the right products. A flower pot should suit the plant, but also the unique living style of the consumer. Both inside and outside we can see that green is getting a permanent place, in a unique way.

The garden as an oasis of style

We are enjoying our garden to the fullest. Whether it’s a balcony, a greenhouse or an acre of garden, this year it’s the private outdoor space that takes on a new meaning for consumers. Recharging, that’s what it’s all about.


We are retreating into our own outdoor space. Back to what really matters, the primary need of safety and being able to express yourself. Surrounded by plants and pots in your unique style, it’s a feeling of truly coming home. We see this strongly reflected in our 2021 ceramics collection where primary colors have a leading role. Red, blue and yellow pots decorated with cheerful flowering plants. Extra large pots as statement pieces, giving the garden effortless character.


Vacations close to home are the new normal.  We are exploring our own region, and when we come home we relax in our own garden. Because if we can’t go to the Mediterranean, let’s bring the Mediterranean vibe here. Pots in terra shades with an attractive matte finish. Characteristic ridges and pot feet wink to the Côte d’Azur. Large and small terracotta pots, decorated with a cactus, Ficus or olive, easily bring the garden into the Mediterranean mood. After all, the sun shines here too.

The interior as a mirror

Spending more time at home, and being by ourselves more often, generally results in increased awareness. We know more about who we are, what we find important, and what we like. Last year we discovered our personal style. Our interiors reflect this, we go in different directions, and no space is left unused.

East meets West

Visiting other countries, or just visiting someone. Spontaneous togetherness, travel, and the feeling that goes with it. We like to place that in the foreground. How something is made, and wherefrom, is important to us. We focus on high quality products, mostly traditionally made. Earth tones such as camel, cognac, cement and terra. Green leafy plants in handmade flower pots with worldly motifs. A single lily in a traditionally blown flower vase. Hand-woven baskets of sea grass, combined with a large basic flower pot with your favorite plant.

Home Office

A large proportion of people who have started working from home expect to continue doing so. We are happy to invest in a pleasant, productive home office. We don’t need to list the benefits of plants, they are indispensable. We love to drag in a few extra plants, because the more plants, the better the work results. We go for timeless, but with a modern feel. A black Cresta with a Strelizia or Kentia palm, is an absolute must for any home office. If there is no space left on the floor, we like to hang some plants in sturdy hanging pots. There’s always room for them. They are so cozy those green friends, just like colleagues. All these plants need to be taken care of. And for that we like to get some help from flower pots with built-in reservoir. Especially for hanging plants this is a godsend!

Welcome to Wonderland

A touch of Moulin Rouge with flamboyant colors and retro designs. Because we also want to go “Back in the day” a bit. With a preference for exciting materials and quality, we opt for metal, glass and shiny ceramic, with a luxurious finish. And preferably extra large, because our plants have grown. From high shiny metal plant pots, vintage yellow and pink flower pots to jade green flower vases. We combine and create our own wonderland.

Green and comfortable home

It’s clear. We long for a green, comfortable home. A place where we can be ourselves completely. Where a familiar own style provides warmth and comfort. We like to help create a wonderful and personal home.  We like to show the world our attractive range of products. Check out our full range on the webshop.