Interior trends for fall 2021/2022

The latest trends in greenery and interior design. This year we see calm colors on the one hand, and darker tones like brown and black on the other. That contrast is also visible in the size. XXL pots are popular but also mini pots are desirable. It seems to go in all directions, which is in fact easy to explain. With everything that is happening in the world, home is more important than ever. Last year, consumers spent even more time and attention on home and garden decoration. Consumers are discovering what they like and what feels good. The personal style is in full bloom!

The highlights

Contrast is the theme. From very large to very small, from light to dark, on the ground and in the air. Naturally, ceramic pots form the basis, but metal has now also claimed its place in the green interior. As far as we are concerned, a number of products summarize the trends particularly well. Check out the interior design trend highlights; Hanging Pots, Sven, Ivana XL and Minis. For your convenience, we have bundled all relevant articles on the webshop.

Hanging pots

We are literally going up with fun hanging pots in a variety of styles. The evergreen series Esra introduces two sizes of hanging pots in the colors Pure White, Black, Mystic Grey and Ice Blue. A treat for anyone who already has an Esra pot at home. Esra is a true basic, surviving all styles and times. Alice presents hanging pots in vintage style. The set includes 3 sizes of hanging pots with pendants made of leather. Alice is a super elegant series with beautifully finished pots with running glaze. Available in the colors Ocean and Caramel. Hanging pot Kian made of metal is a piece of true craftsmanship. It consists of one piece, without seams, and is therefore 100% waterproof. We recommend selling Kian with an inlay to ensure rust is prevented.


Flower pot Sven is a special case. He is made in Holland. The design is clean, truly Northern European, with pleasant matte gloss texture. Sven comes in several sizes of pots and vases. The various timeless and trendy colors provoke to combine. Spoiler! Sven will receive new family members in the spring of 2022 to mix and match with.

Ivana XL

A large flower pot makes it even easier for consumers to bring the outdoor feeling inside. This is TS Collection’s first XXL flower pot for indoors. The Ivana pots feature heights of 40 and 50 centimeters, and the vases are as high as 117 and 150 centimeters. Handmade from high quality ceramic equipped with super glossy glaze. Ivana is available in chic Sepia and striking Caramel. The pot is born! It’s up to you as a retailer to recommend the ideal plant for your customer.


Never underestimate the power of a mini flower pot. A mini pot is a connector, a true mediator. Minis can be used in countless ways. A mini Saar next to larger Saar pots softens and supports. Many different mini’s together, for example in a wall cabinet, fill the space in a personal way without dominating the whole room. By adding just a few mini pots to the interior, consumers can give their style a trendy update. A super fun give-away is a mini pot with your own cutting inside.  Mini pots are popular gifts, because who doesn’t have room for a mini pot?

Tip from Caroline

‘Near the cash register, most impulse purchases are made. Create a nice store display for all the minis and matching plants. Set a fixed price for a pot/plant combination of one’s choice. While waiting, the consumer can mix and match. Bet they’ll buy one!’



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