Our new webshop is live!

We proudly present to you a brand-new webshop platform that offers you overview and convenience. The service you’ve come to expect from us is an absolute priority. Whether you want to be an online or offline customer, you are at the heart of our business. This is our every day passion. In a changing world, we want to continue to provide the service you deserve. In doing so, we want to continue to innovate and inspire. Even in this time of change and online, we want to pasionately create an attractive and welcoming home. We proudly present our webshop. A platform through which Ter Steege offers its customers the excellent service they deserve more than ever. Not just any webshop, and much more than just an online store. A complete overview of our products and services, a place where online and offline blend seamlessly.

What’s changing?

Basically nothing, all the services you’ve come to expect will continue to be our services. Our customer service is still happy to take orders. Our account managers will still visit you with personal advice. You can always call us with questions about signing and shop presentations. Nothing changes in that area, but there are many advantages. Because from now on, you can easily arrange all these things online, at your convenience, whenever it suits you. Through our webshop we will inform and inspire you. That is the big advantage of online. But there are even more advantages.

New tool, extra services

  • Expect the physical and online worlds to merge seamlessly.
  • Your account manager remains your contact person, but you can also ask questions to the online helpdesk.
  • Get personal advice from your account manager and view online inspiration, product suggestions and ideas for your store.
  • Browse through your paper catalogue, or discover our full range online, including detailed product info.
  • Order by phone, in person or via the webshop. What suits you best today?

Benefits of a personal account

The great comfort and convenience of a personal webshop account can be found in many facets. Discover the overview of everything in one place. Search, order, compare, receive inspiration, communicate and check previous orders. The possibilities are wide and endless. Already in the first version of the webshop you will notice the advantages. But our webshop continues to develop and will continue to amaze and inspire. That is the purpose of this platform. To provide a complete platform in which all our services and products are insightful. In your personal account you can:

  • change account details yourself
  • subscribe and unsubscribe to newsletters
  • place a ‘fast order
  • repeat order
  • and many more practical things that we’re busy developing


Do you already have an account?

Did you had an account in our first webshop? Then life is easy for you. We were so kind to create an account for you in our new and improved webshop. All you have to do is set up a new password for this new account.