Meet Cresta black

Who doesn’t fancy a beautiful Cresta flowerpot? These flower pots are traditionally made by hand. Craftsmanship ensures a pure and exclusive appearance, every Cresta is unique!

Cresta’s popularity is due to its voluptuous shape, which compliments plants and interior styles. Cresta stands out for its style and simplicity. Because a good design is as little design as possible. That’s why we won’t touch Cresta’s design. But adding a new colour is always a good idea. This year, TS Collection once again introduces a stylish colour in this timeless flowerpot line. Meet Cresta matt black!

Letting green shine

A deep black base with a smooth matte finish. This combination creates an impressive contrast that makes plants and flowers shine. Green looks even greener and leaf drawings stand out even better.

Dare to stand out with an eye catcher combination. How about a Strelizia in a large black flowerpot with a diameter of 37 centimeters? Wow!

Cresta black in the office

Cresta black with matt finish fits perfectly in a modern environment with industrial characteristics. Because apart from at home, we also want to enjoy a green, healthy environment at work.  Dress up the office with sturdy black Cresta’s with large green houseplants such as a fern or Kentiapalm. Because a business location in the decor of traditional flower pots with tropical greenery, surely works better!