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Sales Arguments

  • 100% watertight
  • Special glossy look
  • Lightweighted
  • Extremely strong and versatile

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Artstone Indoor

The well known Artstone flowerpots are loved by young families and people with balconies. From the start Artstone was a hit because the pots are so strong and versatile. We have now added an indoor collection to the brand.

This planter has a chic and glossy look. Just like all other Artstone planters Josh is lightweight and easy to move and relocate. Josh is made of a special shiny mix of stone and synthetics. This mix is poured into a mold and baked. This proces ensures all pots are exactly the same size but are also covered with different patterns. This makes all Josh planters truly unique items, not a pot is the same. Josh will keep on surprising you as she has a different look in every light.

Unlike most indoor planter Josh is 100% watertight so you can use it as a vase if you like. The possibilities are endless!

Commercial options
Josh is available in the colours Anthracite, Platinum and Saphire. We made a special shelving plan, including signage to make the most out of the Artstone indoor store presentation.