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  • Artstone Claire - zwart
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  • Artstone Claire
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  • Artstone bloempot - lichtgewicht - kunststof bloempot
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Sales arguments

  • Lightweight synthetic material-stone mix
  • Provided with drainage system
  • Plants stay beautiful much longer
  • Weatherproof
  • For indoor and outdoor purposes

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The collection of pots by Artstone has been manufactured from a mixture of synthetic material and stone. The presence of stone in this mixture is what gives the pot its special, marbled look. Yet an Artstone flowerpot is light-weight and therefore easily moved around. The Artstone collection is very extensive and includes various flowerpots, large vases (with a height of up to 90 cm), hanging baskets, and balcony boxes.

Drainage system with water reservoir
Each flowerpot from the Artstone series has been provided with a unique drainage system. In this system, any surplus water is collected in the reservoir in the bottom of the flowerpot. During dry spells the plant will be able to draw water from this with its roots. This way the plant will be able to look after its own water needs without getting its feet wet!

Presentation furniture and shelf plan
For the presentation of this successful collection in your shop, Ter Steege can provide presentation furniture and signing. The shelf plan developed for the entire Artstone collection will offer you convenient guidelines for its presentation within the available space in your shop.

Ter Steege is exclusive importer for the Artstone brand in Europe. For many years, Artstone has been successfully sold in garden centres across Europe.

Available in the following colours:

  • Aqua Artstone
  • Black Artstone
  • Grape Artstone
  • Grey Artstone
  • Lemon Artstone
  • Lime Artstone
  • Pink Artstone
  • Taupe Artstone
  • Terra Artstone
  • White Artstone

Artstone possibilities


In-store presentation

For the presentation of this successful collection in your shop, Ter Steege can provide presentation furniture and signing.

Artstone drainagesysteem

Drainage system

Each flowerpot of the Artstone brand has been provided with the unique drainage system.