New collection 2017 for outdoors

Published on: 11 July 2016

Ter Steege will introduce a new collection of outdoor pots in 2017. New for 2017 is the expansion of the range of lightweight pots with a natural look. The use of a unique blend of synthetic materials and stone enables us to give lightweight pots a robust and natural look.

View the brochure outdoor collection 2017.

The TS GRC collection, as shown in this photograph, has the appearance of rusty metal but is actually a lightweight pot.

New Artstone colour: Eucalyptus

In 2016, Terra was introduced as the new supplementary colour to the existing Artstone colours. The colour collection will be expanded once again in 2017 but this time with the colour Eucalyptus. This neutral, warm sand colour with a hint of green will supplement the current basic colours consisting of black, grey and taupe.

TS Cera-Mix lightweight with a unique finish

These outdoor pots are made from a blend of synthetic materials with stone under the label TS Cera-Mix. Although they look very much like a heavy pot, they are actually lightweight. These pots often have a simple design and yet they are all unique in that the finished colours are applied by hand. The versatile collection of pots by TS Cera-Mix is simple in terms of design, but has a unique finish.

In the video, View the House of Inspiration, you will see the new collection for 2017 presented in our House of Inspiration in Rijssen. You are most welcome to visit our showroom in Rijssen or Aalsmeer, or we look forward to seeing you at one of the following trade fairs.