Plants live longer in an Artstone pot

Artstone is a special brand that makes beautiful sustainable flower pots for indoors and outdoors with unique drainage system. The pots are weatherproof and future proof. They are made from very strong recycled and natural materials and feature a powerful look and feel. In addition, they are colorfast and extremely lightweight, so they are easy to move around too. Artstone is an indispensable brand in your store. Why? We are happy to explain it to you in detail.

Unique drainage system

Consumers are increasingly thinking about sustainability. A flower pot must be more than just beautiful. People look at quality, raw materials, production process and whether the pot suits their own style.  In addition, the love for green is growing. Where a few years ago we exclaimed that a plant was seen as a piece of furniture, it is now even on its way to becoming a full-fledged housemate. We care about our plants, and we want to take good care of them so that they stay beautiful and live longer. And that’s exactly what Artstone pots want too. The clever built-in water system acts as both a drainage and a reservoir. It’s explained in simple terms on the poster below.

Friendly to the eye and the environment

The term sustainability has several meanings for us. It is based on making a reliable, future-proof and beautiful product, made from responsible raw materials. An Artstone pot is made with an eye to the future. You can see and feel that. All our pots are made with recycled plastic and stone powder, and are themselves fully recyclable. The 6 designs are specially made to never go out of fashion. The drainage system contributes to the longevity of the plant, and so the circle is complete.

Artstone promotion

We have a very extensive range of photography of the Artstone collection that we like to share with our clients. You may use it in any way you wish. We also have all kinds of content for online and attractive presentation material for in-store use. You can think of signing, posters, shelf plans and special shop furniture.

Artstone showroom

Discover the world of Artstone in our showroom in Rijssen. An entire floor of Artstone! One thousand square meters of Artstone inspiration. An absolute must for you as a retailer. Be guided by your account manager. He or she will be happy to advise you on a customized range and options for your store. Make an appointment now and discover the rest of our collection.

The ideal pot for indoors and outdoors

The strong division between outdoors and indoors is fading. Interiors are becoming greener, we are bringing the outdoors inside. This is done with pots and plants but also by means of French doors and large windows, which draw the garden into the interior. Under verandas and roofs we can stay outside longer and longer. We like to decorate these with tropical house and garden plants. There are opportunities here! Advise the consumer about the right plant/pot combinations. Artstone pots in particular are perfect for this. These are eco-friendly pots with a ‘plant saving’ drainage system that works both inside and outside. Inside you press the plug in the bottom, and outside you simply take the plug out. How easy! Besides, they are lightweight so easy to move. Ideal for that beautiful Alocasia or Strelizia that likes to be outside in the summer and wants to be inside during winter.

What Artstone pot suits you best?

What Artstone design is the best for you? Or rather, which pot does your customer choose? A nice poster to hang in your store. Let your customer do the test and find out your target group’s favorite Artstone pot.