Published on: 22 August 2018


Just like other years we will participate at worlds largest garden fair in Cologne; the SPOGA SAGA 2018. Three stands with a surface over 250 m2 will present the new collections for our brands Artstone, TS Collection and TS Collection XL.

We are so proud of our new collection as this year we have invested more than ever to pick from natural and sustainable materials such as zinc, cane, ceramic and seagrass. All our TS collection pots and baskets are made by hand and therefor one of kind, but did you know this also counts for our Artstone collection that is not made by hand? There is not a plant pot that is the same but they all have this in common: ‘They are all truly unique items that create a cozy and comfortable home.’

themes for 2019

Each year we come up with annual themes based on the latest trends and developments. These themes are the very foundation of all our expressions, products and store presentations. They serve as a guidance and inspiration for both us and our retailers. Themes are a great addition to customers shopping experience as they love getting ideas and inspiration from them.


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the revolutionary Ter Steege app


For years now we have supported our retailers with store presentations, signage, concept and styling advice, all with the goal to stimulate sales and provide your customers with the best experience in finding what they want for their home. With our new app we are now capable to give our retailers exactly what they ask for by improving customers shopping experience. The virtual assistant makes it possible to pick and place store our store presentations in your space and take a ‘live’ tour. You can also scan special markers with our app to gain insights and product information. Just type ‘Ter Steege’ and download our app.


All about the app ⇾

Handmade pots, unique, pure and exciting


Our TS collection is made out of clay by hand into beautiful pots. The reason we chose clay was easy. It is the most sustainable and natural material for reliable and strong pots with a stunning porous structure, a handmade pot is not 100% waterproof. One pot gets a pulver coating, another pot is stylishly glazed.

During the traditional process of making a pot from clay, it is held over 20 times by the hands of our skilled craftsmen. This ensures that all our pots are truly unique with individual pattern variations, small distinctions in structure and tiny differences in size. Our TS collection is an exciting display of expert and talented design!

TS Ceramics


We only work with high quality ceramics created into many shapes, structures and colors. A large portion of the pots will be equipped with a strong and stunning glaze in both neutral and refreshing colors. Our new collection is versatile, durable and stylish.

Meet the newbies

Pure is a line with tasteful pots with a visible color overflow. A must have in any stylish surrounding. Romee is a round pot with an authentic look. The perfect match for small trees and larger green plants. The Rustique gives the garden an instant upgrade. She comes in green and blue and is a true asset for any garden. Marly is available in friendly sand color and green shade and has a beautiful hand-drawn structure. Globe has a worn look that takes you straight to Egypt. A truly special piece for a beautiful garden.

TS Cera-Mix


The TS Cera-Mix collection consist of plant pots in all kinds of sizes and shapes that combine the powerful look of concrete with the advantages of plastic. Cera-Mix is strong and suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes. This series is lightweight with a robust rocky appearance so it truly merges the best of both worlds. It has a patched look that creates a great kickoff for green plants.

De SPOGA bezoeken?


Would you like to visit the SPOGA and meet us and our new collections? De SPOGA is held on 2, 3 and 4 September in Cologne. You can find us in HAL 10.1, STANDS A30-B31 EN B38-C39.