Stay outside longer!

Now that autumn has set in, the garden is slowly going into a resting phase. Time to decorate garden and terrace with atmospheric flower pots and seasonal plants. To enjoy the outdoors during all seasons. Even in autumn and winter, we can turn the garden into a nice place full of cosiness. Show consumers how to make the garden shine. Embrace autumn and stay outside longer!

Save space under the roof by using pots in potholders. The combination of handmade metal pots and the natural look of rope is totally contemporary. Classy and a bit Boho style. Metal pots are extra handy for plants that are best kept inside during severe cold. They are lightweight and have no drainage hole. In our TS Metal range, we offer a wide choice.

Eco Pots

Climate friend Cera-Mix, with its light weight, is the right choice for the gardener who likes to rearrange. There is plenty of choice to fill all outdoor spaces. You can find hanging baskets, high pots, bowls, balcony boxes and more. That offers variety and flexibility.

Timeless Ceramics

For the steadfast types, there is plenty of choice in the timeless ceramic collection. Discover the tasteful autumn colours that add warmth and spice to the garden all year round. With these pots, you will never have to worry about your garden style again.