The style trends of 2020

Every year we create our own style trends. These are always three styles with their own unique character and philosophy. They are based on the coming trends and developments in the market.

Research and innovation

We keep a close eye on the shifts and developments in the market. This way we know what the consumer thinks is important and which products match it. We work together with EFSA on trend forecasting.

Styles as guidance

The style trends are the basis for all our expressions, products and store presentations. They serve as a guide and inspiration for both us and our retailers. The trend styles tell us what the consumer wants in his interior and garden next year. That determines what the green store will look like next year. Trend styles promote the shopping experience, consumers like to receive ideas and inspiration in this way.

The year 2020

The year 2020 will be a year of contrast. We want to live sustainably and want to be more friendly to the earth. We are looking for sustainability in natural production but also in design. Eco-friendly products are increasing in popularity, also with new target groups. We are more aware, we are waking up. This is accompanied by growing optimism, which translates into bombastic use of color and the combination of all kinds of materials. A lot is happening!

Bohemian blossom

In the vibrant Bohemian Blossom, your personality comes to full bloom. Take a journey through a cozy world full of color, flowers and prints. An exuberant display of joy in your urban lifestyle.

“The world is my playground.”

We creatively process personal memories in the interior. A festival vibe is created with countless different materials, extremely strong plants and colorful flower bouquets.

Plants & materials

Rope, macramées, Oriental rugs, shiny metal, shiny ceramics, pots with patterns and structures, everything is possible in this hippie style. Plants that fit this trend are strong thick-leaved plants such as Sansevieria, Aloe Vera, Cactus, Ficus Elastica and Zalmioculcas.

Key words

  • Mix & match materials
  • Memories
  • Enthusiastic and carefree
  • Bohemian
  • Creative and social
  • Colorful and cozy
  • Prints and flowers
  • Excited sunny colors

Scandinavian Breeze

Scandinavian Breeze is a serene style that radiates balance and positivism and embraces our fascination with nature. The dunes, the sea, calmness and tranquility, a pleasant breeze on your face.

“At home, in nature I am free.”

The most important pillars in this trend style are sustainability, awareness and respect for nature. The basis is clean, quiet and clear, with natural materials and sober use of color. Enjoying nature on your own couch, all seasons, that’s freedom!

Plants & materials

Materials used in this style are cork, wood and basketwork. We see reuse and do-it-yourself with pallets, jute rugs and old vintage furniture. The feeling of fresh air and transparency are also reflected in the use of shells and glass. We choose decorative houseplants with beautiful patterned leaves such as Calathea, Scindapsus and Monstera. In keeping with the trend, they are air-purifying with a high beautifying capacity. They like to be in the spotlight, but not in direct sunlight.

Key words

  • Sustainable
  • Sleek & Vintage
  • Freedom & Balance
  • Natural materials
  • Green vision
  • Scandinavian
  • Calming
  • Matte subtle hues
  • Ecological footprint

Wild Deluxe

To show what you stand for and who you are, that is Wild Deluxe. A style that knows no fear when it comes to making choices. Boldness and character reflect in large pots with plants, deeply colored walls and daring eye catchers.

“My home tells my story.”

But also collections of smaller items put together that, just like a herd of wild animals, make a strong statement together. The interior is a mirror of your personal experiences and character.

Plants & materials

Contrast in color and material. Leather, fur, animal prints, gold, flower pots with a concrete look, seagrass baskets, high gloss pots and beautifully finished metal items. We opt for plants with large green leaves for an optimal jungle effect. Welcome the Strelizia, Monstera Deliciosa, Philondendron and Alocasia Odora.

Key words

  • Adventurous luxury
  • Self-assured & purposeful
  • Travel trophy
  • Character & Pride
  • Atmospheric tough
  • Collecting
  • Deep tones
  • Contrasting materials