Style trends for autumn and winter 2021/2022

We are happy to go indoors again, snug and safe. At the same time we do not want to say goodbye to the outside. That’s why the outdoor feeling is fully present in the interior. We carefully dress our homes in our own unique style. This autumn, three completely different consumer trends are emerging. Are you reading along?


Working behind a computer five days a week. The digital world of ‘work’ is becoming an ever greater contrast to the real world where you can walk among trees under blue skies. This dynamic between society and nature creates a special need in style. We like to see nature reflected in the interior. We bring the outside in and preferably in combination with a good dose of personality. This is what has been translated into the Factory Oasis trend, where sturdy materials such as metal and ceramics merge with nature.


We want the best for the earth but also want to enjoy comfort and style ourselves. Longing for peace and simplicity, we realize how important a place of our own is. There is no place like home. We passionately put our attention into making our interior beautiful and enjoyable. The result is a fresh and friendly palette of earth tones with plenty of room for craftsmanship and handicrafts. Matte pottery and natural structures set the trend.


It’s a wonderful world! With all that is happening in terms of climate and pandemics, we realize that health and safety cannot be taken for granted. We are grateful for what we have and we celebrate this with style. That sounds contradictory, and it is. Contrasting colors and materials, mismatched combos, gold elements, pinks and greens transform the interior into a tropical fairy tale. This trend is a generous fusion of madness and romance.