Storage and logistics of products are organised from our head office in Rijssen. From our extensive warehouses here we are able to make just-in-time deliveries.

Direct container programme (DCP)

From our production locations in Europe and Asia, full containers can be shipped directly to their destination. Naturally, the composition of the container’s contents will be decided upon in close consultation with you. As a wholesale supplier, Ter Steege is able to deliver fast and to your complete satisfaction.

Optimum logistic processes

Ter Steege is a wholesale business. Thanks to advanced tracking & tracing systems, each moment of the integral goods flow within Ter Steege is meticulously planned: from purchasing and collecting up to and including transport and reception by our customers. In our offices and warehouses, the ordering and logistic processes are automated according to the latest technologies – including EDI, barcoding, and voice picking. This will enable just-in-time deliveries of the desired products.