Terracotta is back!

No flower pot as well known as the terracotta pot. With its beautiful porous structure, it provides plants with a pleasantly breathable housing. Terracotta is subject to the forces of nature, which gives it a weathered and robust appearance. In the spring of 2021 terracotta will make its comeback, in a stunning new look. The new 2021 collection of TS Collection is one of those with a story.

A new take on terracotta

TS Collection has a refreshing take on terracotta. Forget the traditional terracotta pot with its classic shape and orange colour.

TS Collection presents attractive terra tones and a variety of designs and sizes. Behind this variety of choice lies a well thought-out process.

From idea to detailed concept

At Ter Steege we like to work with trends. We continuously monitor trends and developments in the market, which forms the basis for our product design. Every year, we develop three completely different trend styles, including materials, color cards, keywords, textures and matching designs. This well-filled trend vision folder is the buyers’ right hand when they head out for the new collections. One of the trends for 2021 is Re-Green Village. A style that breathes the freshness and serenity of a modern-traditional atmosphere. With a homely feel full of earth tones, where east and west meet, and the sympathy and vitality of nature are central. The colour terra, which means earth, in combination with the authenticity and tradition surrounding the ancient terracotta pot, perfectly represents this trend.

Terracotta as symbol

In the design stage of the Terracotta series, the seasons formed the principle. Man has to submit to this phenomenon of nature, just like a classic terracotta pot has to. The seasons teach us that everything is in constant motion. Nature blossoms, fades, perishes, and then comes back tot life again. Everything is related, that is the circle of life. We have used the terracotta pot as a symbol for the four seasons. Each season has been given its own terracotta theme.

The soft spring

A fresh and inviting natural palette with olive green, grass green, box hedges, crocuses and white blossoms. The colours and scents of spring have a positive vibe and invite us to go outside again. A new year with new energy has arrived. White tones, greyish green, soft yellow and a soft, matt palette of plant green, go well with our pure terra colours. Clean, minimalistic designs thrive in this trend, and really bring the colour combination of pot and plant to life.

A sultry summer

A Mediterranean feeling with vibrant colors of lavender, citrus fruits and sunlight. Sweet and plump, fruit trees with rich green leaves. Typical terra shades, both the light and the more authentic orange variety. Statement combinations do well. An XL flowerpot decorated with fruit tree, brings the garden effortlessly into southern European moods. This Provençal feeling is also reflected in the designs of the pots. Characteristic ridges and pot feet make a nod to the Cote d’Azur, where the sun is always shining.

The fiery fall

Especially for this beautiful season full of colour and intensity we go back to the basics, with rectangular and classically shaped pots in earthy, sensual shades such as old-terra, choco and rust. Long bloomers like Hydrangeas and Hebe’s accentuate the natural colour palette of autumn. We play with reds, pinks, oranges and browns. Combine these with the texture of hardy plants such as firs and shrubs.

A wondrous winter

In winter the garden is resting. We too take the time to recharge. More and more people are creating a place in the interior where they can enjoy nature and an outdoor feeling, even in winter. Inside and outside are slowly merging. Pots and plants play the major part in establishing a connection between home and garden. The new Saar and Valene series ensure that the interior is effortlessly integrated with the exterior.