The connecting factor between sustainable and stylish

The year 2020 brings us contrast and a new look at sustainability. The demand for eco-friendly products is soaring. Consumers want to demonstrate their sustainable credentials, but are unwilling to compromise on style and comfort. The answer to this lies in product groups that combine style and sustainability.

We see that trends are becoming more global. Global warming is a worldwide challenge and the Internet is blurring boundaries further. This requires future-oriented products. Where flowerpots and home accessories are concerned, people are looking for products that are both sustainable and stylish. Questions asked by the consumer are: ‘Where and how is this product made and what from?’ as well as: ‘How long will this product last?’ The added value of mood products is becoming increasingly important. Ter Steege’s assortment is the connecting factor between sustainable and stylish. We make flowerpots and home decorations to mix and match. New designs follow on from previous collections, existing series are updated with trendy colours. We enable the consumer to stay fashionable, within their own style. An atmospheric entity, with sustainable and stylish products that enhance each other and compliment personal style.

Retailers are overwhelmed

As a retailer, you may be overwhelmed by the number of choices and options. How can you navigate through them? Don’t worry. For us, delivering flowerpots doesn’t stop at loading the truck and personal advice doesn’t end with a good chat. Which series suits your store? How well does a product group match your target group? How do we present your unique TS collection so that it gets noticed by every consumer? Ultimately, we all want the same thing: to inspire and encourage the customer to buy. We take our advisory role very seriously, and for us this involves some big responsibilities, such as honest communication, involvement, and obviously a good product. And the definition of the latter has undergone considerable changes in recent years. A trendy and strong product is no longer enough. A product must now be sustainable, user-friendly and future-proof.

Green Decorations

Ter Steege’s new Green Decorations concept offers the retailer total support with ready-made store presentations and attractive packages in pleasing style trends which appeal to different consumer types in the right way.


TS Naturals offers heart-warming baskets and home decorations, all ‘Made by hand with love’ using exclusively natural materials like seagrass, willow, jute and banana leaf.

Be a good example

Ter Steege has now been in business for nearly 90 years and we still work with great pleasure and passion on delighting our customers. We not only communicate this to the outside world: it is also tangible when you visit us. But as well as enjoyment and trust, it’s also very hard work. Because being and continuing to be leading in the global green market involves social obligations. Leading the field also means being a good example. Our buyers visit our production sites several times a year. Besides new products and possibilities, the focus is on working conditions, choice of materials and the production process. We make no concessions and choose the best solution for people and the planet. This is not the way of least resistance, but the only way and a course we have taken for years with trust, enjoyment and pride. Our sustainable work ethic and philosophy reap rewards. It is good to see that collective awareness is growing and connects with our philosophy.


In our communications this year, we are focusing for the first time on this sustainable aspect, both in the Netherlands and beyond. Which is strange, because we are not actually doing things any differently than before. Our hand-made indoor flowerpot collection differentiates itself through its timeless basics, supplemented with numerous mood makers in trend colours. With their specific characteristics, our outdoor collections appeal to the various garden consumers. They are all hand decorated and made from high-quality natural products. In each product group, we inspire with sustainable and trendy objects that perfectly respond to current trends and the future.

This year, we are devoting extra attention to the eco-friendly highlights Artstone and Cera-Mix, both made from 100% recycled and natural material. But sustainability is more than merely using responsible materials. The quality and the design of our pots must also be sustainable. Strong, wear-resistant pots that are modern and timeless. Yes, our flowerpots are exceptionally sustainable, but let’s not forget the plants in the conversation about sustainability. With Artstone’s unique drainage system, plants stay healthier and flourish for longer.


In a changing climate, the consumer is becoming more aware and more alert. In contrast to this, one of our main focuses is to enjoy. Enjoy each other, enjoy a comfortable and green home. The 2020 consumer wants to show that sustainable, multi-faceted and atmospheric make an excellent combination. We embrace this desire and respond with a conscious collection of flowerpots and home decorations that is as gorgeous as it is sustainable.