The freshness and serenity of a modern-traditional atmosphere, a feeling of home with earth tones in which east and west meet, and the sympathy and vitality of nature are central.


  • Likeable
  • Earth, terra, sand
  • Field and dried flowers
  • Feeling at home
  • Fresh and vital
  • Origin and tradition

‘Life is all about growing and creativity.’

In a setting of a modern country club, we pay homage to Mother Earth. A neo-western in which everything revolves around nature and all the beauty she creates. We gather terra tones from all over the world, from Uluru red to Sahara beige. Red, terra, cognac and camel shades provide a traditional pleasant vibe. The shades and patterns are mainly matt, complemented here and there by a glass or metal object. We see stripe patterns on ceramics, terracotta and handicraft.

We embrace the splendour of our own garden. We grow our own fruit and vegetables. Also smaller outdoor spaces, such as balconies and terraces, are played with self-sufficiency and origin accentuation. Flower pots with herbs on tables, flowers that attract bees, weeds between the tiles, we give nature free rein. But also soberly furnished verandas and canopies made of wood, dressed in a modern Marrakech look.

Smart, beautiful and traditional

Inside, this trend comes to life with illustrations of landscapes, vegetables and flowers. Field bouquets in stoneware vases, handmade rugs and baskets decorate the interior. The herbarium is back as a tribute to the own garden. Decoration and flower pots are functional and made of friendly materials, where the origin and method of production are taken into account. We are following our intuition and are going for smart, beautiful and traditional solutions that express our respect for nature.

A beautiful striped terracotta bowl for the eggs, a cowboy cactus on the wooden patio, an air-purifying Calathea in a durable ceramic pot, a Strelizia in an eco-Artstone pot that stands inside in winter and outside in summer. Creative solutions and resourcefulness make us happy. We rediscover where and who we are.  We are happier with less and that is what true wealth is.